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Radio 4 Reading List


Bringing you the critical reaction to books mentioned on Radio 4.

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Start the Week

Richard Cohen talked about his travels researching his new book, Chasing the Sun, billed as “a cultural and scientific history of our relationship with the star that gives us life.”

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Saturday Review

Tom Sutcliffe and guests Rowan Pelling, Pat Kane and James Runcie were frustrated by the first volume of Mark Twain’s autobiography, the unexpurgiated version of which has been released to mark the centenary of his death.

They also talked about the upcoming Peter Mandelson film —  if your appetite has been whetted here’s our review roundup for his memoir The Third Man

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Classic Serial: Alone in Berlin

Have been meaning to read this for ages and now we don’t have to! Hans Fallada’s recently rediscovered thriller set in wartime Berlin is Radio 4’s Classic Serial. Read the excellent reviews it got here

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