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Hatchet Job of the Week


Condolences to Meryl Streep. When it comes to her portrayl of Margaret Thatcher aka THE IRON LADY, people may have been using words like “uncanny” and “wonderful”, but is that enough when you’re working with words like “biopic”  and “politics” and “Thatcher”.

Nevermind Streep’s performance, Alistair Harkness in The Scotsman won’t allow the director to liken her film to a Shakespearean Tragedy and predicts that we’ve already had the worst film of 2012!

What happened to all those Oscar nods? 

Its most contentious creative leap is to tell the story in flashback, framed with multiple scenes of the former Prime Minister wandering around her Belgravia town house, half-senile, chatting to the ghost of deceased husband Denis as she clears out his things. In interviews Lloyd has rather fancifully compared this approach to King Lear. Sadly the end result isn’t Shakespeare, although it is tragic – and for all the wrong reasons, not least of which is the sense of missed opportunity that it leaves you with.

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